China Glaze Releases Tranzitions Color-Changing Nail Polish

China Glaze

The China Glaze Tranzitions nail polish in action.
Photo: Via ChinaGlazeOfficial's YouTube

Guys, nail art can be hard. We get it. You need a steady hand, a teeny tiny brush, tons of time--whew, we're getting tired just thinking about it. Lucky for us, the geniuses over at China Glaze created a set of polishes that transform into a new color with the swipe of a clear top coat--meaning, yes, it doesn't take much skill to create a fresh new design in seconds. I know, I know, it sounds INSANE, but believe us when we say it's absolutely, 100% true. (We even have video evidence!) Their collection, appropriately called Tranzitions, includes six color-changing polishes that will literally change hues before your eyes as you apply a clear layer on top. The best part is that ANY top coat works, meaning the options are endless, y'all!

China Glaze

China Glaze Tranzitions polish.
Photo: Via Stixie

The recently-released collection includes (from top left, clockwise) "Split Perso-NAIL-ity," which shifts from dusty pink to fuchsia; "Duplicityy," which transforms from mint green to teal; "Shape Shifter," which shifts from smokey violet to dark purple; "Modify Me," which transitions from periwinkle blue to indigo blue; "Metallic Metamorphosis," which shifts silvery grey to bluish-charcoal grey; and "Altered Reality," which transforms from teal blue to turquoise. You can swipe up any of these bad boys individually for just under $5, or get all six colors together for $25. And, think about it people, with two colors in EACH polish that's a total steal. But honestly, you just need to see this stuff action to truly believe the amazingness that is color-changing polish. Watch the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments!


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