We're Obsessed With House Of Holland's Dancing Pom Pom T-Shirts

House of Holland's new Pom Family t-shirts.
Photo: Courtesy of House of Holland

Get ready to reevaluate that stash of t-shirts taking up space in your closet, because Henry Holland is changing the way we wear our plain white tees. The House of Holland designer has just rolled out his Pom Family collection of tops and sweatshirts, each of which comes stamped with his adorably quirky "pom pom people" designs. They're cute enough to wear on their own, but because it's Henry Holland we're talking about and he never does anything halfway, these cotton crewnecks ALSO possess superpowers— dancing characters. Sure, we were skeptical at first too, until we saw this video, which showcases the designs rocking out to an oddly appropriate Missy Elliot soundtrack. All you have to do is download the app from the iTunes store, hold your phone or iPad up to the t-shirts, and BOOM! Insta dance party. Watch the video below, and then shop the PomPom Collection here...because trust us, you're going to want to.


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