Would You Wear These Elastic Strap Leggings?

Elastic Strap Leggings

Would you wear these elastic strap leggings?
Photo: Courtesy of 80's Purple

Let me start by saying that I, truthfully, don't have anything against leggings. I know they cause a lot of spikes in blood pressure when people apply them as equal substitutes for pants, and sure, that's a bad look. But pair them with a way oversized button-up or a boyfriend sweater? I say that's fair game. Leggings are just too comfortable to be completely outcast as a class of garment for the fashionable public. This particular pair of leggings, on the other hand, we're open to debating. We recently stumbled on these elastic strap leggings from Anzevino & Florence while perusing the digital racks of 80's Purple and have been scratching our heads about them ever since.

I guess the first question we have is: what exactly is going on here? From what we can tell via these images and the minimal description provided, these are a pair of seemingly normal (though, likely, quite durable judging from the 92% modal, 8% spandex construction) with what the folks at either 80's Purple or Anzevino & Florence are calling "unique strap details." Well, I'LL SAY. I'm pretty sure I've never seen another pair of leggings like this before. With those two elastic straps covered in scrunched fabric and laddered between the thigh segment of the inseam? Nope. Never have I ever. And while I have soooooo many questions (for example: Is the elastic stronger than the fabric it's attached to? How much does it give? Does it affect one's gait? Do the straps get in the way of getting dressed?), these leggings, at press time, are SOLD OUT. We're not sure if this means the designers and merchandiser really zeroed in on their target market OR if there were only, like, five of these things manufactured, but it happened. And we're a little bit bewildered by it. What do you think of these elastic strap leggings? Would you wear them? Let us know in the comments below!

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