Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Take A Trip To The Tattoo Parlor

Haylor at Shamrock Tattoo Parlor with Harry's tattoo artist Freddy Negrete.
Photo: Freddy Negrete's Instagram

Ooooooh Haylor, what will we do with you? Pop's latest power duo is, obviously, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, and the two have been out and about all over the place, from watching the seals in Central Park to, now, the tattoo parlor. While the pretty as a peach and innocent as ice cream Swift is basically the LAST person we would expect to find frequenting an establishment called The Shamrock Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles. I mean really. Shamrock Tattoo Parlor? It doesn't get less flower crown than that, but we're kind of loving it. Tay's new beau is no stranger to the hypnotizing buzz of the tattoo gun, already sporting a fair amount of ink, but we have to wonder, does this mean Taylor is considering adding a little illustration to her bod? A portrait of her cat, Meredith, perhaps? We can only hope. The tattoo, which covers a large portion of Harry's arm and is a highly detailed pirate ship, bears a bit of a resemblance to the ship tatt Taylor's "I Knew You Were Trouble" beau sports in his new video. Coincidence, we think not, but what could it mean?! It definitely solidifies what we already knew: Tay loves a bad boy. Check out an interview with the singer, where she talks about just that, after the jump!

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