Harry Styles Tries Out New Look On Line Camera

Harry Styles

Harry Styles tries a new look with Line Camera.
Photo: Courtesy of @pixiegeldof1 Twitter

Of all the boys of One Direction, Harry Styles is the most known for wielding a signature preppy style. Whether he's clad in button-ups and blazers or fuzzy cashmere, Harry's steez is, more often than not, crisp, clean, and collegiate. BUT we know that people change, and with chest tattoos and new girlfriends perhaps also comes a change in style. With 1D's meteoric rise to international fame, Harry probably can't roll up to a store and leisurely try stuff on (that is, unless he shuts it down), so what better way to experiment with style than via model Pixie Geldof's Line Camera stamps?

Okay, so truthfully, there's probably a better way to test run a snapback and chains than by pasting a two-dimensional digital sticker on your mug, but the ridiculousness of this is way more fun. Harry could have dug into the kitchen and pulled out some aluminum foil for a proxy grill, but seeing his mouth askew and with lips an unnatural color is infinitely more entertaining. Granted, there's something very caricatured and Halloween costume-feeling and even a little out of touch about a stamp set that includes "HiPHOP" in tag lettering and rhinestone doggy bone pieces, but we admit this picture made us smile from the jarring style reversal of seeing Harry laden in all this. Could Harry be testing out a new look? Is he making a slick reference to any bandana-wearing competitors? *WINK* Or is he just having a little fun with a silly photo app? Let us know what you think!

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