Pool Toys, Pet Collars, And More Of Our Favorite Things From Alexander Wang's New 'Objects' Collection

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang rolls out his new 'Objects' collection.
Photo: Getty Images/ via Alexander Wang

With his eponymous Ready-To-Wear label AND a recent appointment as the new creative director of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang is one busy dude. But despite his jam-packed schedule, the designer has somehow found time to roll out a second "Objects" line that conveniently coincides with last-minute holiday wishlists. Whereas his "Objects No. 1" collection included super sleek household items like card decks and notebooks, for round 2 he's giving even MORE stuff his signature edgy twist. Think leather eye masks, faux snakeskin flasks, and pool toys...available in an all-black colorway, obviously. And justttt in case you're wondering what a designer pool toy actually MEANS, well, in this case think shark-shaped floaties made of black PVC and retailing for $40. Sure, it might not technically fit into our daily lives as Wang claims online (we don't have a pool nor do we need a float), but it's so ridiculous we still almost want it.

Alexander Wang bike lock and pet collar.
Photo:via Alexander Wang

There's way more where that came from online, where the collection boasts other covet-but-don't-NEED items like a cool yoga mat, a spiked pet collar, and a mock-croc bike lock. Because if there's anyone who can make a clunky bike lock look chic (and convince us to drop $145!) it's Alexander Wang. Santa, we hope you're listening....

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