The Best Red Carpet Beauty Looks Of 2012

Editors Note: Phew! Can you believe we're exactly one week away from Christmas? And only two weeks away from New Year's? The time is FLYING and it's probably because we're having so much fun sharing our 2012 faves with you (sorry, we had to). Yesterday we brought you a sillier one, our the biggest cat ladies of 2012, and tonight we bring it back to something you might have expected a little more of us, which is the best red carpet beauty looks of 2012. To narrow down our immense list of much-loved looks, we enlisted beauty correspondent Annamarie Tendler, who you might know from The Daily Face, and her halloween makeup tutorial on House Of Style! We commend her for being able to pick her top 5. There were so many good ones, we were about going crazy just thinking about having to choose!

While the dress reigns king when stepping out on the red carpet, we can't forget how hair and makeup can make or break a look. A bad chignon or over done face can destroy everything, while an amazing updo or knockout red lips can save a boring dress. Here are my top five favorite beauty looks from the red carpet this year. Oh, and the dresses aren't bad either.


Camilla Belle at The Met Ball.
Photo: Getty

This is a gutsy look and it totally worked, not many woman could pull off something this harsh. This is a perfect example of dress, hair and makeup complementing each other perfectly. Camilla Belle looks like she walked out of a party in The Great Gatsby. I want to dress like this every day.


Jessica Chastain at the Oscars.
Photo: Getty

I'm a sucker for a redhead. I love that she wore her hair down. Too many woman opt for tight updos, so these loose waves make Jessica Chastain stand out. Her makeup makes her look like she's glowing. I'm so, SO glad she went with a nude lip for this look.


Angelina Jolie at the Oscars.
Photo: Getty

Angelina Jolie is the most attractive woman alive. There isn't much else to say about her. She always looks perfect.


Jessica Alba at the Met Ball.
Photo: Getty

I think I can see my reflection in Jessica Alba's hair. Everything about this look is incredible: the 1940's 'do, her burgundy lips, her eye makeup complementing the color of her dress. Kudos to Jessica for not wimping out and going with a light lip color.


Kristen Stewart at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere.
Photo: Getty

I had to get Kristen in this list somewhere and looks like she saved her best look for last, the last Twilight premiere, that is. She's closing out the year with this amazing look at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Los Angeles Premiere. Her bronzed eyeshadow and pink cheeks makes her blue eyes pop. Kristen is often seen sporting messy hair, which don't get me wrong, I love, but I would have been so disappointed to see that here. Her hair is the perfect amount of coiffed, while still remaining Kristen-y. And HOLY COW, that dress!

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