Legendary Photographer Ellen von Unwerth Talks 'Galore' Mag, New Fashion Video

Ashley Smith shot by Ellen von Unwerth.
Photo: Galore

There's a new mag on the fashion-y block and it's like nothing you've ever seen before. Meet Galore magazine, sizzling up many a fancy mag stand RIGHT NOW, with the voluptuous model Ashley Smith (whose ressy includes Alexander Wang's SS/11 T line and Diesel's SS12 Mert and Marcus campaign) as its cover girl. Oh, and shot by the iconic Ellen. von. Unwerth. *Chokes on coffee, dies* FYI: Ellen, who is responsible for shooting the biggest starlets in the world and transforming them into sex kittens/flapper girls/bondage vixens et al, is also responsible for making my face leak in fandom with Britney aka Godney's latest “Fantasy Twist” campaign and video. So thanks for that, girl. The magazine is the brainchild behind Lovecat fanzine founders/crazily creative duo/my best grunge-y dressed homies, Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat. They, along with Ellen and Ashley, hosted the Galore invite-only launch/hangover-inducing bash over the weekend with glam guests in attendance including The Blonds (Phillipe's bleached mermaid locks = heaven), Natalia Kills (ROCKING VINTAGE CHANEL BLING), and the gorgeous Andrej Pejic (marry me, now). The bash also acted as the video premiere for Ellen's salacious "Ride It", starring Ms. Ashley Smith and shot in conjunction with the sexy Galore spread. Spoiler Alert: The potentially NSFW video involves tatted male models in pony masks whilst being seduced by a cowboy hat/corset-wearing Smith. You can watch it here. You're welcome. If you for some unknown reason blink, you may or may not think you're watching a young Anna Nicole Smith being amazing. Oh, did we also mention we have an exclusive chit-chat with the boyz, Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat, and ELLEN VON UNWERTH after the jump?! #ChristmasCameEarly

MTV Style: Hi Ellen!! What was your inspiration behind the uh-mazing "Ride It" video starring Ashley Smith?

Ellen von Unwerth: The video, which is actually coming from the photoshoot I did for the magazine, Galore, is a fun version of "pony play", a fetish where people dress up as ponies or other animals. This is a recurring cultural movement as you can see -- people wearing pony, poodle or snake outfits in certain places and parties.

I'm totally straight for Ashley Smith, but was wondering your thoughts on her?

I chose Ashley for the role because next to being gorgeous and sexy, she is also powerful. I wanted to show her as a strong woman who has fun with her pony boys.

You've shot for the most major magazines and campaigns around the universe. What made you decide to work with Prince Chenoa and Jacob on such a brand new project?

I always love to work for underground magazines. Prince and Jakob are the new generation! I am happy they appreciate my work. Their magazine is a great place to show some of my more provocative work, which I alway have lots of fun doing.

You've shot my idol aka Ms. Britney Spears a slew of times. Out of all of the pop starlets you've shot, who has been your favorite to get behind your lens?

That is a tough question. All of them, from Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina, Lady Gaga and, last but not least, Britney -- all of them have so much personality and so much to give once they are in front of the lens. They are wonderful in real life but suddenly they bring out their alter ego and it is truly fascinating.

MTV Style: Hay boys! So, you've got a new magazine on your creative hands! Spill the fashion-y beans on creating this mag.

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat: We are obsessed with this fanzine type of aesthetic and after leaving Lovecat, we wanted to create a magazine that was fun, sexy and in touch with that 90's supermodel-babe-meets-downtown culture vibe. We really wanna bring something fun to the fashion world that doesn't feel pretentious and elitist, but fun, free and sexy!

I think you've def succeeded. So, you got Ellen best-photographer-on-the-planet von Unwerth to shoot the cover and video! NBD. *Faints* Why do you heart Ellen? How did you get her greatness to work with y'all?

There is no one who gets women better than Ellen von Unwerth! And by pairing her with the amazing Ashley Smith, who is one fashion's sexiest models, we created this match made in cowgirl heaven. We are huge fans of Ellen and this is our 5th time working with her. It means a lot that she believes in us. It shows that legends actually do care and are paying attention to what the youth is doing out there!


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