We Found Taylor Swift's "Trouble" Dot Tee...And It's $132

Taylor Swift wears a Bassike t-shirt in "I Knew You Were Trouble."
Photo: Big Machine Records/ via Bassike

If you've seen Taylor Swift's new video for "I Knew You Trouble," then you already know that the pop star wears MANY different outfits throughout the five-minute clip (click here for the complete breakdown). But while the majority of her fashion changeups are quick- blink and you'll miss them- one item in particular stands out the whole way through. OK fine, in ADDITION to her pink wig. We're talking about Tay's black and white t-shirt, which she dons during her monologue in the beginning and again as the music video winds down. Courtesy of Aussie brand Bassike, this simple crewneck comes stamped with a giant black dot in the middle and a raw hem, giving a cool twist to your plain white tee. The only bad news? If you want to cop Taylor's identical top yourself, it'll cost you.

Bassike's Women's Dot T-shirt retails online for a not-super-wallet-friendly $132, proving that simple design doesn't necessarily equal cheap. We love the fact that it's crafted from organic cotton, roughed up with raw hemlines, AND has TSwift's stamp of approval, but we're not sure if we're ready to splurge on the "Trouble" tee quite yet. Are you? Let us know in the comments!

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