Roses Gabor: These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Roses Gabor.
Photo: Satoshi Minakawa

Every so often, a superstar with a penchant for looking amazing is born, grabbing my credit card's attention and sartorial-slaying all of your faves. Her name is Roses Gabor, and she made me a believer in SWAG aka taught me what swag really means. Take, for instance, the Brit cutie's music video for "Stars," which essentially is an ecstasy-heavy aesthetic paradise. Spoiler Alert: It kicks off with a trippy shimmering sea a la TLC's classic "Waterfalls" before flashing word art-ish/Illuminati-ish text screaming "ROSES GABOR", just to remind y'all who you'll soon be majorly Stanning for. The vid also involves hoop earrings, killer KTZ prints, a side pony and swaggerlish moves. My personal highlight is Roses as a kaleidoscope moment. You'll see what I mean. The vid's greatness resulted in me bouncing around/smizeing into my mirror clad in my knock off Jeremy Scott leopard print acrylic thrift shirt/Trash and Vaudeville creepers combo just this morning for which I now require a massage. Anywho, I am sosososooo pumped for Gabor's forthcoming debut, 'Night Sky', that I already pre-ordered it which, duh, you should too. Until then, here's the underground-dancehall-singer-turned-emerging-sartorial-starlet's faint-worthy favorite things. You're very welcome!

Statement Piece: A vintage Mawi ring.

eBay Purchase: iPod headphones.

Tattoo: Anchor that says "the" above and "art".

Perfume: Les Senteurs Vanille

Roses loves Kanye.
Photo: Courtesy of Roses Gabor

Karaoke Song: Probably a Kanye track.

Nail Polish: White or illuminous/Pastel Yellow

Moisturizer: Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Souffle Body Creme or Jason Vanilla body lotion.

Roses' Jam Master J t-shirt.
Photo: Courtesy of Roses Gabor

Concert T-Shirt: A Jam Master Jay tee.

Roses' MAC lipstick.
Photo: Courtesy of Roses Gabor

Lipstick: MAC!

Album Cover Art: Snoop's Doggy Style

Fashion in a Music Video: Gaga & Beyonce's "Telephone"

Fashion Blogs: HighSnobette

Stores: Liberty's, KTZ

Eyeliner: MAC Gel Pot Black.

Purse: A leopard skin something I picked up in Hong Kong.

Shoes: Burberry, Chloe, Charlotte Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood!

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