Justin Bieber Talks Overalls, Tattoos, And New Acoustic Album On ‘Ellen’

Justin Bieber visits “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”
Photo: Courtesy of The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres sent up this semi-cryptic tweet two days ago, we penned the showtime into our calendars and immediately pressed our ears to the ground for all the latest breaking Justin Bieber news. Welp, Friday has finally arrive, and along with a squeal-inducing acoustic album announcement (though, if you follow Justin on Instagram, you probably already knew), Bieber graced The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a special stripped-down performance of “As Long As You Love Me” and dished on his newest tattoos and those infamous overalls.

Justin Bieber visits “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”
Photo: Courtesy of The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen lovingly picks on The Biebs, usually about sagging pants and other questionable style situations, every time he visits, and this time was no exception. DeGeneres starts off asking Justin about his newest tattoos and what they mean. He reveals that the owl ink “signifies wisdom” and is a “classic tattoo.” He explains that he got it on tour from a place he researched and found to be the oldest tattoo shop in America. On his other forearm, he shows Ellen a smaller tattoo that he says is, “’music’ in Chinese.” Ellen is skeptical, and Justin says his mom was initially, too, and said it looked more like a TV than anything else.

He talks about wearing hoodies when he tries to see movies in theaters and then Ellen takes the garment talk as an opportunity to segue to that overalls incident with the Canadian Prime Minister. Bieber gives the outfit the same “he came to my environment” defense he did when he intially caught fire for the coveralls. The best news for Biebs (and us), though, is that Ellen has a solve. A man runs on from backstage carrying a gift for Bieber (as Ellen so often loves to do). It’s when Justin accepts it an models it for the camera that we really get to see what it is: black denim overalls with a faux tuxedo bib — complete with cummerbund and bowtie — so even in overalls, he can still keep it formal. Sort of.


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