The Best Free iPhone Sticker Apps of 2012

Rihanna on her 777 Tour plane, Cat Wanged.
Photo: MTV Style Instagram

Yesterday we crowned the MTV Style 2012 king and queen, and brought you "The Big & Best Of 2012: A Year End Celebration Brought To You by T-Mobile," and over the past weeks we've broken down everything from the best nail art to the best magazine covers, the best band style and best facial hair. Today we're getting a little more specific, and breaking down our five favorite sticker apps of 2012. We have a lot more Best of 2012 coming, too, so stay tuned right here.

One thing that took up a lot (too much) of our time this year: Instagram. Both at work and at play, we at MTV Style are all about the photo app, and make sure to document everything from the crazy products that come through our office to the amazing events we get to attend. From the runway, to the Rihanna Plane, to the set of House Of Style, we're always on the lookout for a good photo opp. Sometimes, though, we're feeling a little more playful than just straight documentarians, which is where our fave photo apps come in. Whether you're putting little bears all over your brunch photos with Line Camera or adding a little rainbow to your selfies with the Lisa Frank app, there are tons of ways to jazz up your pics, and make them stand out from the crowd of ho-hum, well, brunch photos and selfies.


Ok, Catpaint was a fave of ours even before Instagram, but after a couple of years it got a little old, we have to admit. We LOVED the cat motif the Odd Future crew plastered all over their Golf Wang tees and hats, and so naturally their Cat Wang app made us purr like creepy little upside-down cross painted kittens. With a huge variety of cat faces, as well as explosions, laser beams, beanies and paid add-ons, this app upps the ante of Cat Paint so your photos still have that shot of feline-induced "awww" but with a little bit of an "ew" thrown in for good measure. We applied some cat faces and laser beams to one of our photos from Rihanna's 777 tour above. The app is free and you can download it here.


Diddy in a Parisian club, Snapee-ed.
Photo: MTV Style Instagram

Snapeee is both a sticker app and a social network, although we really only use it for it's super adorable insta-art. It comes with a bunch of standard-issue cutesy stickers, and then you can hunt around the community for artists who have made their own sets. Our Assistant Editor Chrissy was the first to start using it, putting the adorable line-drawings of Choco-Moo all over her personal Instagrams. Needless to say we all asked where she had gotten those lightning flashes and that little bunny creeping over in the corner, and she turned us on to Snapeee. We gave Diddy the Snappeee treatment above, and you can do the same to your friends and favorite meals by downloading it for free from the app store here.


Adam Lambert with tigers at NYFW.
Photo: MTV Style Instagram

The Lisa Frank app was a big deal for us when it came out. We spent our childhoods pasting Lisa Frank stickers all over our Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, writing our crushes notes on Lisa Frank stationary in Lisa Frank pencil, and generally floating in a dreamworld of rainbow teddy bears and unicorns, so the ability to Frank-ify our photos? Awesome. It turned out to be a liiiiittle disappointing, but we still bust it out every so often, and it was by far the most exciting app to come out this year. Also, Adam Lambert at New York Fashion Week, with Lisa Frank tigers? Always awesome. Grab it for free from the app store here.


Karlie and Joan, Line Cameraified.
Photo: MTV Style Instagram

An offshoot of the ever popular Line chat app, Line Camera allows users to incorporate the cute little characters they use in their chats, into their photos. You may have seen people with a little brown bear or sassy rabbit creeping in the corner of their pics? Those are Brown and Cony, Line's mascots. Between them and a plethora of sparkly stars, goofy glasses, hearts, jewels, and more, this app is kind of the best of all of the worlds, and by far our fave of those to burst onto the market this year. We gave our House Of Style hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss the Line Camera treatment above, and we think they look awesome! Download it for free here.

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