House Of Style: Mae Whitman And Rachel Antonoff Pick Dresses For Every Occasion [Video]

In this episode of House of Style, we tasked actress Mae Whitman and fashion designer Rachel Antonoff with finding the perfect dress for every occasion. We thought it would be a lovely service piece that would illustrate the wonderful relationship between the two intelligent, vibrant women considering that Mae has appeared in Rachel's look books and has worn a great deal of her bestie's wares for various events. Of course they could've rattled off the requisite, "First Date," "Meeting The Beau's 'Rents," "Picnic" categories, but since they're real-life humans with faces and brains with non-borg frames of references, they came up with truly, nuanced, helpful scenarios.

There's "Going To an Opera With A Black Swan Fancy Vibe." And, "The Dress To Impress A Hot Dude You Hope To See At A Party But Your Boycrush Kisses Another Girl So You Go Cry Outside On The Curb Yet Still Feel Like A Princess With Your Butt Kinda Showing But Only In The Way That You Might Want For That Moment." And also, "Non-Binding Holiday Dress Where You Plan To Eat Alarming Amounts Of Food Without Compromising Comfort" and of course, the "Dress That You Wear To The Twilight Two Premiere Only To Eat S*** Going Down Some Stairs So That Blood Is Literally Oozing From Your Leg." Obviously, I do not need to parse the utility of knowing EXACTLY what to wear for each of these predicaments.

Basically, this segment makes you want to be friends with them. They're hilarious and relatable and even if you don't watch Mae's show, Parenthood, or if you're entirely unversed in the marvelousness of Rachel's clothes and shoes you'll still be so smittens. THAT SAID: If you haven't seen Mae in Perks of Being A Wallflower, you need to handle it immediately. It is uncontrollable how fantastic and moving and glorious and cryfacemaking and beautiful that movie is. So legit. ALSO, since we're just making a handy-dandy list of things for you to check out if you haven't already, you need to also note that the letterman jacket that Mae and Rachel throw over the top of the heart-print vintagey-style dress (the one that Zooey Deschanel wore on her SNL appearance) is SUPER CUTE AND AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE on Rachel's brother's band's website. You know, since Rachel's brother is Jack Antonoff from the band fun.

And while we're just glitter bombing this post with all matter of colorful circles and Easter Eggs, you should also know that the football helmet that Rachel wears in the last part of this piece is part of Mae's halloween costume because SHE WAS FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS' TIM RIGGINS. BOOM! Yup, and this is despite her love interest on Parenthood being Matt Lauria who played Luke from FNL season four. ANYWAY, Tim Riggins is the best (no disrespect Luke Cafferty) aaaaaand by the transitive properties of how bestpoints are distributed, this CUHLEARLY means that Mae Whitman is incredible. Also, Rachel Antonoff is incredible. In part due to how their friendship is built upon a bedrock of laughter and farts. But only in part.


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