'Tis The Season For Badass Christmas Sweaters

Badass Christmas Sweaters

Those are some badass Christmas sweaters, y'all.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy/80s Tees/Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees/Front Army

Let's be honest, guys. Ugly Christmas sweaters are so 2011. This year, it's ALL about the badass holiday pullover—the more insane, the better. Luckily, we've rounded up our top picks from all over the internetz to help you stand out this season in the most awesome way possible. On the top left, we see a fake cross-stitch sweatshirt with the iconic Home Alone movie-quote-within-a-movie-quote "Keep the change, ya filthy animal." Not only does this celebrate one of THE most memorable Christmas films from our childhood, but it also looks dang good on a cozy red sweater. You can swipe it up from Etsy for just $29! On the top right, take a peek at this "Merry 666-mas!" satanic-themed red and white sweater ($28). This bad boy also features an upside-down cross and reindeer starting a forest fire. YOU BAADDDDDD.

Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you—that is Darth Vader putting the final touches on his Super Star Destroyer's Christmas tree for ALL to see. This faux Star Wars-themed sweater ($35) is perfect for the nerdy badass within, or basically just anybody who wants to be one BAMF. So, we knew Gangnam Style sweaters existed, but this holiday-themed get-up is outta this world. I mean, what could be better than Psy doing the pony dance in cross-stitch form? Nothing. Get this sucker for only $19 right this second! Last, but certainly not least is quite possibly the most killer sweater of all—straight from Slayer's merch store ($80). It features a skull and pentagram black and white striped design complete with the metal band's signature logo. We DARE you to find a cooler Christmas sweater than this. No seriously, try us. Leave us comment below with your finds!

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