Dan Black: These Are A Few Of His Favorite Things

Dan Black.
Photo: Courtesy of Dan Black

I first experienced major heart explosions for Brit pop crooner Dan Black after his opening stint for Robyn and Kelis' aptly-titled All Hearts tour which essentially = a sea of shirtless sweaty gorge gays/mega Grindr imploding. Why, you ask? He has model legs for days, he dresses real cute, his crooning makes heart strings vibrate. He also is not afraid of a Bladerunner face paint moment. In addition, Black's remix and video for "Symphonies" feat. Kid Cudi off his uh-mazing debut LP, UN, remains flawless, and I'm all kinds of inappropriately excited for his forthcoming sophomore album and sure-to-be pop gem anthem with Milkshake queen, Kelis. Unfortunately, he's married. :'( Still, I got the stylish stud to serve us with his fashion-y favorite things platter. It's all sorts of sartorial scrumptious, so getcha credit card/napkin ready. Requests for topless pictures were not met but a gay can dream.

Dan Black's Damir Doma top.
Photo: Courtesy of Dan Black

Statement Piece: Damir Doma Silent Black and White "splatter" top

Dan Black's second hand tuxedo.
Photo: Courtesy of Dan Black

eBay Purchase: No eBay, but second hand tux jackets from the second hand stores in Le Marais in Paris is a recent passion.

Dan Black's Illicit Sex by Jeremy Scott cologne.
Photo: Courtesy of Dan Black

Cologne: Illicit Sex by Jeremy Scott

Karaoke Song: "Take On Me" by A-ha. In many ways I owe my career to this one song. So Karoake-ing it is almost like a religious act for me!

Underwear: H+M all the way baby.

Concert T-Shirt: The Cure "Boys Don't Cry" of Robert Smith with guitar from behind.

Blogs: Boooooom!

Album Cover Art: The Smiths "This Charming Man" cover, which is a still from Cocteau's Orphée. The best art always involves a little thievery!

Fashion Icon: If I am brutally honest with myself - my wife!

Fashion in a Music Video: Serge Gainsbourg in pretty much anything. Sexy, self destructive, debonair, genuis done to perfection.

Shoes: I own a not-normal amount of Marcell shoes.

Pants: Acne Jeans - the best shape, and don't fall apart after 2 weeks (or even 2 years)...

Jacket: Martin Margiela just fit so good.

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