Would You Wear An Earlace (Earring + Necklace) Like Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga Earlace

Lady Gaga in Moscow on Dec. 10.
Photo: Splash News/ASOS

The earlace phenomenon is back, y'all! The earring-necklace hybrid, which connects a chain between both earlobes to create—you guessed it—a necklace, made its first major appearance on Rihanna in 2009, but now it's making an oh-so-bold return to popularity. Just yesterday we spotted Lady Gaga in Moscow sporting a layered chain earlace complete with safety pins that hooked onto her ears (ouchies!). She finished her look with an embellished fur-covered military hat, a sheer cut-out black dress, and oversized sunnies. (Also, please note that her hair is straight-up HIGHLIGHTED with glitter. NBD.) Now, should we be scared about this trend resurfacing? Well, that's up to you to decide! We've noticed huge retailers stocking these bad boys left and right, like this classy earlace set from ASOS (above), which includes studded chandelier earrings complete with a detachable neck chain. (Getting three accessories for $70 is kind of a steal, no? *shrugs*)

Lady Gaga Earlace

More earlaces, y'all.
Photo: Etsy/ASOS

If you search "earlace" on Etsy there are a BUTTLOAD of results, but we'll spare you with jussst this one. This version features a gold, silver and bronze chain connected by hoop earrings for a more casual feel, but this $25 accessory does come with a disclaimer. "WARNING: Accidental or intentional tugging may cause serious injury to one or both earlobes. Wearer assumes risk of injury when wearing this design." Welp, you've been warned, y'all! If you're REALLY feelin' this earlace look, you can go for this balls-out heavy chain version from ASOS, which is totally over the top. But we want to know what YOU think—will you be sporting an earlace anytime soon? Let us know in the comments!

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