Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Get Custom Vans, Go Thrift Shopping On The DUB Magazine Project


Macklemore shows off his custom Vans slip-ons on The DUB Magazine Project.
Photo: MTV

Ever since we first saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Thrift Shop" music video, we've been all over the powerhouse duo's every move with multiple Google alerts, dedicated Twitter lists, and a near-complete monopoly over our headphones (if ONLY they had a Christmas album!!!!) This Sunday, MTV2's The DUB Magazine Project featured the MC + DJ team, taking them to get custom Vans and — you guessed it — go thrifting!

After a brief intro by Machine Gun Kelly, the segment opens with Macklemore in a fur stole, fringe vest, green color block shirt buttoned to the tippy top and layered with two discrete gold chains. Also, tortoise shell shades. Ryan Lewis was clad in a red big check plaid shirt with amber clubmaster sunnies, and a yellow gold watch — understatedly stylish as always. The two banter about coming up in hip-hop despite Seattle's heavily grunge-centric scene before heading into The Ave Venice to get hooked up with a pair each of custom sneakers. Black slip-on Vans to be exact. The sales associate says it's "the only place in the world where you can put digital pictures onto Vans and Chucks." WHOA! Ryan pays homage to Mad Men with a "Lucky Strike" pair, while Macklemore opts for this snap of himself with Rick Ross. "One of my best friends," Mack says while showing the sales associate his pick, "Shout out to Rozay... He has no idea who I am."

After that, the two (and the DUB team, of course), head to a thrift shop. "Cali is one of the best places to thrift shop," Macklemore explains, "so I'm excited to see what Venice has." Thumbing through racks of bedazzled denim jackets and trying on anything leathered and fringed he could get his hands on, he jokes about having "4 to 5 different stylists" and a "squad of 10 to 15 different people" ready to do them up in all sorts of makeup before revealing the truth about the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis style team: "Umm, no. We don't have anything."

The thrifting may stop there in the actual episode, but our friends at MTV2 put out a bonus clip from their shopping adventure wherein Mack goes in on his thrifting strategy. He reveals his go-to is the women's section, "extra extra large, that's where you find the gems." While he's squeezing his shoulders into a white leather jacket with black Thriller-reminiscent V-stripe detailing, he says sarcastically, "You know it's just the right size if it hurts to put on." See all the Macklemore DUB Magazine Project for yourself below!


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