Katy Perry Pops In Lichtenstein-Inspired Parachuting Ensemble

Katy Perry performing in Dubai.
Photo: Getty

If you happened to be in Dubai this weekend, two things. First, we are jealous that you were in Dubai period because, awesome, and second, did you see Katy Perry perform at the closing ceremony for the World Parachuting Championships? Oh no, we didn't misspeak. This weekend, our lady of teenage dreams was dropped from the sky (or at least from right above the stage), supported by a pop art-inspired parachute. She then removed her similarly themed flight suit to reveal a latex bustier ensemble that would have made Roy Lichtenstein very proud. Borrowing from the iconic 1960's artist's highly stylized, satirically tweaked comic book style, the look was slick and unexpected--appropriate for an unexpected performance venue. The look definitely has us reaching for our 3.1 Philip Lim Lichtenstein cardi, that's for sure.

In an on-trend move (see also: Taylor Swift's recent on-stage style), Katy paired her super-tight super hero look with classic saddle shoes and a pair of thigh high, florescent blue socks, anchored with hunter orange garters. We were wondering if Katy would continue with her love of latex costumes after the election, and it appears that she is indeed going to do just that!

What do you think of Katy's cartoonish ensemble?

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