The Coolest Snowflake Nail Art To Sport All Winter Long

Listen, winter doesn't have to be so bad. Yeah, sure, the days are getting WAY shorter, and all that layering is starting to get annoying/sweaty/cumbersome, but, you guys! 'Tis the season for snow! We LOVE those super wintery days, and since it's mid-December we think it's time to celebrate those oh-so-beautiful snowflakes by transforming them into killer nail designs. First up, is a '60s-inspired teal, white and black snowflake set that definitely gives us mod-era vibes, which we love. The best part, though, is that there's a video in how to recreate this entire look in under 4 minutes. Hope you have that tiny brush handy, y'all!

Snowflake Nail Art

Photo: Via The Nailasaurus

If you want to take the whole snowflake theme up a notch, add a snowman into the mix! We love how The Nailasaurus used a metallic navy blue for the background and painted white flakes accented with silver stars on top. But, the kicker is a snowman head on the ring finger that matches up with the body on the thumb! *mind explodes*

Snowflake Nail Art

Photo: Via Kaaatrina

This wintery nail art is definitely more subtle, but it doesn't mean it's any less AWESOME. She used a beautiful pale pink polish on stiletto-shaped tips with intricate black flakes on top. It's equally girly as it is badass!

Snowflake Nail Art

Photo: Via Vegan Claws

If you don't have the skills to recreate a snowflake by hand, get creative! We love how Vegan Claws used strips of glitter to get her snowflake look, and then layered glittery blue over white polish for a GENIUS touch. *claps*

This last set mixes baby blue and white polka dot tips with a killer snowflake design for a fresh take on the wintery mani. She decided to cover the accent nail entirely in blue, but left the others clean with just a clear topcoat. Amazing!

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