IO Echo's Ioanna Gika Gleams In Jeremy Scott Hologram Kimono In "Outsiders" Music Video

IO Echo's Ioanna Gija with Jeremy Scott.
Photo: IO Echo Instagram

We've been keeping a close eye on IO Echo. Ever since we peeped lead singer Ioanna Gika's too-cool-for-school style at CMJ, we've known this was a band with some serious fashion tricks up their (kimono) sleeves. Rocking a deep side part, bright blonde hair and the aforementioned Kimonos, Gika has a style all her own, part goth-witch, part LA it-girl. In the atmospheric new video for "Outsiders," Gika holds court in a stark, grainy world, industrial and spare. Her clear, bright soprano is haunting against the yellowing backdrop, lending the haunting song a sinister, minimal air. If you look closely at her, though, you'll see that there's nothing minimal about the video's style. If you follow the band on Instagram, you might recognize Gika's kimono from a recent snap she posted of herself with Jeremy Scott. That's right, the flowing, magical garment is the creation of the man himself, and it's incredible. It's hard to see the piece in its full glory in the "Outsiders" video, but there are moments when you get a little flash of something across the camera and you realize that this is no ordinary robe. For a moment you think it could be a trick of the camera, or something added in after, but knowing that the singer was given the holographic piece by the designer, we know otherwise. We're not entirely sure how the great J.S. managed to make a holographic kimono without it looking at all stiff. Indeed, the piece seems almost liquid, like Gika is draped in light. Watch the video after the jump, and let us know what you think of this Jeremy Scott stunner.