Jourdan Dunn Talks Chicken Stew, Culinary Inspiration For 'Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn' [Interview]

Jourdan Dunn taste-testing her Jerk Pork recipe on Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn.
Photo: Life + Times Youtube

Model, mom, cooking show host. We're talking, of course, about Jourdan Dunn, the host of Life + Times' Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn, and one of our all time fave catwalk (and editorial) staples. Models have been getting into the culinary game more and more these days (see also: Karlie's Kookies), but Jourdan is the first girl to go full on Julia Child, and we have to say she's doing a bang up job. For her first episode Jourdan cooked a classic Jamaican meal with a few twists. She made a classic, scotch bonnet pepper filled jerk, but rather than using chicken she used pork belly, and on the side she made classic rice and peas and a Caribbean salsa. The meal looks amazing, and her instructions are clear and totally adorable. Save for an unfortunate (but heart meltingly cute) garlic smashing incident, she's a pro in the kitchen. She also peels a mango with an insane amount of skill that even seems to surprise Jourdan herself. We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her culinary inspiration, the whole do models eat question, and whether we might be able to get her together with our House Of Style hosts for a little models only dinner party. Read her answers after the jump, and check out the first episode of Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn here.

MTV STYLE: In the first episode, you cooked a classic Jamaican meal, with the twist of using pork belly. Do you pick up cooking inspiration and tips as you travel while modeling?

Jourdan Dunn: Modeling has opened my eyes to a wide range of different cuisines and tastes. When I am home I try them out on my family.

Who taught you to cook? Do you remember the first thing you made by yourself?

My grandma, auntie and mum taught me to cook - Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are when I would hang out with them in the kitchen. They taught me everything I know. The first dish I ever made was real basic: tinned tuna with Rice. It was simple but I was proud. Ha!

What's your all-time favorite meal to cook?

My Granny’s chicken stew with rice, peas and a salad. When I was younger I would get really excited about Sunday dinner around my Gran. She had the best one liners and would make us laugh all day. Every time I cook this meal I think of how I can make it exactly like her, but with the ingredients I can find in NY.

Have you ever had a cooking disaster? If so, what happened and how did you salvage the meal?

My mantra when it comes to this, and any hobby for that matter, is: Practice makes perfect! I’ve had one too many cooking catastrophes over the year - but - guess what? You live & you learn!! :)

We wish we could've eaten the meal with you – it looked delicious! In your new role as cooking show host, did you feel it was important to underscore that you do actually eat real food to combat the idea that models don't eat?

Thanks!! Since it was a video about my cooking, not a fashion shoot, it was important for me to be real. To cook food that I really eat, talk about topics that are important to me and have a good time. The crew was a group of guys and I was the only girl, so I had to make sure I got my plate 1st. Shout out to everyone at Scheme Engine! They really made it such a fun experience for me where I could be myself and have fun. I can only speak for myself, and I love food.

What recipes can we look forward to next time? Can we come over for dinner and do a crossover show with our girls, House of Style hosts Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls?

We have a good variety of recipes like fried chicken wings, spicy Thai beef salad and my favorite Cantonese Duck breast with bok choy and rice. Everything is real quick and easy. Anyone can do it! I would love to have Karlie and Joan to come over as long as they don't mind chopping up the onions and garlic! :)

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