Katy Perry Launches Color Pop Eyelash Collection

Katy Perry and a set of eyelashes from her new Color Pop collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Eylure’s Facebook page

Nope, you aren’t having déjà vu—Katy Perry is releasing yet another set of false eyelashes. Her first Eylure collection, which debuted earlier this year, featured tons of dramatic options to bat your baby blues with, but this time around it’s ALL about the hue. Eylure’s latest collection with Ms. KP—called Color Pop—involves four sets of oh-so-fun falsies including “Make room for Ka-Boom!” (blue), “Oh Wow, Ka-Pow!” (purple), “It’s m’thing, Ka-Ching!” (green), and “‘Scuse me ma’am, its Ka-Zaam!” (all three colors). Must. Have. Them. All.

The Katy Perry Color Pop eyelash collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Eylure’s Facebook page

Katy Perry said in a press statement, “A Pop Art theme is my next natural progression from my cotton candy world. I’m excited to apply these pops of blue, purple and peacock green to my new lash range. These are not just a futuristic fashion favorite; each one can really help bring out the color of your eyes! They’re the new wave to bat your lashes.” Ooohh! We like that. Apparently, the purple set goes best with brown eyes and really makes them, dare we say, pop. But also, does this mean we can ditch eyeshadow all together?! ’Cause we’d really like one less step in our makeup routine, Katy. Kthxbai. These bad boys retail for $7.99 and are available to purchase at Clarie’s. But tell us—are you daring enough to try colorful falsies? Let us know in the comments below!

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