Lena Dunham Nails Twiggy's Iconic Beauty Look For 'Entertainment Weekly'

Lena Dunham Twiggy

Lena Dunham for 'Entertainment Weekly.'
Photo: Via Entertainment Weekly's Tumblr

In case you haven't noticed, Girls star Lena Dunham has been KILLIN' it in the fash mag department as of late. First there was her punky-meets-schoolgirl-chic ASOS magazine spread, then she went fresh-faced (and flawless!) for i-D's latest cover, and now she's taking us waaay back in her '60s-inspired shoot for Entertainment Weekly. Lena's grown-out pixie cut and gorgeous doe eyes created the perfect canvas for channeling Twiggy's iconic beauty look. She sported a deep part with a slight bouffant in the back paired with super defined brows, heavy lashes, and the oh-so-infamous hand-drawn lower lashes. AMAZING.

Makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen told EW, "In the '60s, they weren't afraid to accentuate what we might now consider a problem, to exaggerate droopy eyes, for example. They would go for it and make them droopier. I gave Lena a droopy shape and that's what gives the look drama." I'll say! If you can tear your eyes away from her AMAZE eye makeup, you'll notice Lena's Mod-inspired floral-print Comme des Garçons dress and graphic black and white nails, which, apparently were a last-minute addition to the look. According to EW, the original plan was to create a "geometric manicure with patterned decals," but the idea was scrapped when they saw it would clash with the dress. Welp, we still think it looks pretty DANG cool, but we want to know your opinion! Do you like Lena's '60s transformation? Let us know in the comments below!

{via Entertainment Weekly}

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