The Ultimate Haylor Holiday Gift Guide

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Haylor

Welp, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are dating now.
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Okay, Internets. I think it's time we rip off the band-aid. I think it's time we just accept that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are dating now. They've been spotted together pretty much every single day of this week and are even holding hands (also, spending nights together in hotels, but listen, I'm just not emotionally there yet). One Direction fans, I FEEL you. Times like these are hard. But if you really love something, let it go, right? Plus, you can always find an upside to any situation, especially this one.

For one, Swift even admitted to Cosmopolitan UK that the one thing she doesn't understand about relationships is "how to make them last." AND the holidays are a reeeeeally tricky time to start a new fling, what with the combining of gift-giving expectations and undefined relationship parameters. There's a lot of potential to slip up and hurt feelings. If you're twiddling your fingers maniacally right now, we don't blame you, but if you're going to sack it up and try to support the newly dubbed "Haylor" couple, here are some gifts you could send Taylor and Harry's ways this holiday season. Kill 'em with kindness, right?


Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Haylor

Here's what we would get Taylor Swift.
Photo: Courtesy of Claire's/dELiA*s/The One Direction Store/4JustNCASE/CUSTOMCLOTHINGART

+ Life-size Harry Styles Poster: Claire's ($18.00) - Because long-distance relationships are hard, and this really is LIFE-SIZE.

+ "Future Mrs. Styles" T-shirt: dELiA*s ($26.50) - Because we're wishing her luck for the future.

+ Harry Styles Face Pillow: Claire's ($12.00) - Because, again, long-distance relationships are hard.

+ Keep Calm And Love Harry Styles iPhone Case: Etsy ($15.99) - Because it's kind of like a reminder to all the irate Directioners.

+ One Direction Harry Styles Doll: The One Direction Store (£19.99) - We said long-distance relationships are hard, okay???

+ Harry Styles Face Ugg-like Boots: Etsy (£20.00) - Because these exist.


Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Haylor

Here's what we would get Harry Styles.
Photo: The Taylor Swift Store

+ Taylor Swift Photo Apron Set: The Taylor Swift Store ($19.99) - Because Harry needs something to protect his clothes while he's making waffles in the morning. *sobs uncontrollably*

+ Taylor Swift Red Dress Poster: The Taylor Swift Store ($6.99) - Because long-distance blahblahblah, but also loving him was red.

+ Taylor Swift "13" Shield Necklace: The Taylor Swift Store ($20.00) - Because Harry wears necklaces, and this one is both gender neutral AND admittedly actually pretty cool.

+ Taylor Swift "Like Ever" Necklace: The Taylor Swift Store ($20.00) - Because we want to remind Harry of what happens to Taylor's ex-boyfriends. Crap, wait, this was supposed to be supportive. I'm sorry...


+ Taylor Swift Handpainted Toilet Seat: Etsy ($29.99) - Because... Obvious reasons.

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