Bonnie "Prince" Billy Launches Signature Scent With Sanae Intoxicants

Senae Intoxicants' Bonnie Billy fragrance.
Photo: Getty/Senae Intoxicants

I've spent more hours than I would like to admit listening to Will Oldham, a.k.a. Bonnie "Prince" Billy, rocking back and forth and sobbing imagining what the woodsy singer smells like. Ok so maybe not, maybe I was doing that other thing (but we're not gonna talk about it, ok?) but when I saw that luxury fragrance maker Sanae Intoxicants is releasing a scent with Oldham, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Oldham is a legend, not just for his work as Bonnie "Prince" Billy but also as Palace, Palace Music, and Palace Brothers. In his various incarnations he has created some of the most breathtaking and heartbreaking music, while bending genres and always keeping listeners guessing. With a punk rock approach to classic American folk music, Oldham is a new breed. As such, it's hard to imagine just what such a man would want to smell like. I asked a friend what she thought, and, being totally on my wavelength, she said "beards and tears," but I think it's so much more than that. According to the description of the scent, this isn't some Bon Iver-y woodsmoke, fresh snow, and beard oil, chopping firewood and being romantic fragrance. No, with tobacco, jasmine, and an ingredient we're unsure about called assam oud (which appears to be an oil extracted from agar wood), the scent, we think, without having yet smelled it, resembles the olfactory profile of a summer night spent outside, surrounded by lush plants, in a quiet moment during a raucous adventure. Like Oldham's music, there's nothing cruncy-sounding about the scent, and it's far more sophisticated than simple. Just the combination of tobacco and jasmine is enough to have us totally intrigued, as is the fact that the scent is suitable for both men and women. More info on how you can cop a bottle of Bonnie Billy for yourself after the jump.

The fragrance is available here for $220 per 5 ml bottle. You can also buy a .55 ml sample for $22. We're anxiously awaiting our own sample, and will be sure to let you know if it fits the description our imagination cooked up or if it's a scent we never would have expected.

What do you think the Bonnie "Prince" Billy scent smells like?