What Does Rihanna's Nude Fragrance Smell Like?


What does Rihanna's Nude perfume smell like?
Photo: Courtesy of Macy's/Rihanna Nude

We can't say seeing the words "Rihanna" and "nude" in such close proximity is all that unique or shocking. Between her latest GQ cover, her Unapologetic album art and her many topless Instagram pics, it's almost more unusual to see the girl in clothes nowadays, making the fact that her latest perfume release is named "Nude" even more fitting. The newest addition to Rihanna's suite of fragrances is now available in Macy's stores nationwide, but we got our hands on it via Maud Deitch's 777 tour swag bag. Dying to know what the new Rihanna scent smells like? We took a sample of it around the office for another one of our patented blind smell tests to get you an unbiased answer!

Nude is the lightest of all three of Rihanna's scents thus far with notes of guava, mandarin, and pear making up the top, white florals like gardenia, Sambac jasmine, and orange blossom fill out the heart, and soft sandalwood, vanilla orchid, and musk rounding out the base. It's a stark contrast to her richly fruity Reb'l Fleur and warmly spicy Rebelle and one our in-office testers generally liked. "Clean," "fruity," and "floral" are all adjectives that were thrown around more than once along with comparisons to other light, fresh scents like Lolita Lempicka and Marc Jacobs Daisy. (Sidebar: is it just us or are our co-workers getting REALLY good at blind fragrance reviews? #connoiseurs)

It was also markedly obvious to our smell-testers that the fragrance was feminine, but that's where the unanimous impressions stop. Knee-jerk reactions to what kind and age of woman would wear this perfume and the identity of its celebrity backer were all over the board. The responses to Nude covered everything from younger high school girls to someone's mom, but for every conjuring of fresh-face girliness, there were also a few gut impressions of "basic" and "poor judgement" and "elegant but not sophisticated" (don't shoot the messenger, y'all!). A good number of reactions weren't so easily classifiable as positive or negative, like digital marketing coordinator Jon Ward's, "I can see a girl who wears a bunch of makeup wearing this," and production assistant Chelsea Welsh's hilariously astute, "I feel like this smells like Mariah Carey's breath."

The celebrity behind the fragrance, too, was harder to nail down. While it was difficult for reviewers to decide on one celebrity face, it was relatively easy to say who it definitely wasn't. Tim Convy and Lauren Reid, both integral members of our House of Style team, stated respectively that Nude was "not spicy enough to be Shakira" and "maybe too girly to be One Direction."

The general consensus, though, was that people really do like Nude. Most of the dudes polled reacted positively, and most of the ladies said they'd wear it themselves. Tamar Anitai, managing editor of Buzzworthy, elaborated, "I would wear this to seduce a younger man. Like Justin Bieber or Zayn from One Direction. Probably Zayn." Us, too, Tamar. Us, too. Check out Rihanna's Nude fragrance for yourself at a Macy's near you, and let us know what you think of it!

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