TEEN's Teeny Lieberson: These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Photo: Carpark Records

IDK what this says about me, but I majorly heart a good dreamy (see: acid-y) indie pop girl band. So when my ears/eyeballs fortunately were intro'd to TEEN's "Electric" music video, I nearly rolled under my desk whilst foaming at the mouth. Firstly, they took the hipster specs to another uh-mazing level aka the uber talented cuties rocked DRINKING STRAW GLASSES aka now I know how I'll be pregaming tonight. I'm pretty sure that ish was spiked with something that makes your eyes cry confetti because the music video also involves quirky choreographed numbers, immaculate bang whipping, and colorful inmate outfits that may or may not be found on the vintage racks at your local American Apparel. Additionally, TEEN's leader of the pack (or as I like to say, the band's Beyonce), Katherine Lieberson, goes by the nickname Teeny, which makes me quite happy. Their tunes from their debut album, 'In Limbo', (which PS you should purchase via iTunes) often inspire me to attempt cartwheels and dance alone in my bedroom a la that amazing scene in HBO's Girls. (PS why isn’t there a soundtrack obvi featuring a TEEN tune?!) Anyway, it's Monday which means I need a coffee or five which also means it's time for another Favorite Thangs. Take particular note of the following, regarding why Teeny is especially awesome: her favorite fashion icon, her go-to hangover cure, and her secret fave fashion blog. You go, girl.

Statement Piece: Vintage button-down purple paisley jumpsuit.

TEEN's Teeny Lieberson's tattoo.
Photo: TEEN

Tattoo: see above!

Perfume: Guerlain, Shalimar + Vera Wang (Signature)

Karaoke Song: "Pour Some Sugar On Me" - Def Leppard

TEEN's Teeny Lieberson's favorite M.A.C. polish.
Photo: TEEN

Nail Polish: Whatever is dark + new at M.A.C.

Moisturizer: Weleda Iris Day Cream

Concert T-Shirt: Grizzly Bear 'cat shirt' from the Veckatimest tour. I picked this one up when I was on the road with them 3 years ago. It's worn in beautifully...

Smith's Rosebud Salve.
Photo: TEEN

Lipgloss: Smith's Rosebud Salve. When you wear a ton of eyeliner lipstick doesn't always fly.

Album Cover Art: Ty Segall's 'Melted'. So rad. And of course Animal Collective's 'Merriweather Post Pavilion'.

Fashion in a Music Video: Biggie Smalls 'One More Chance' remix. Have you seen it? The best look goes to the chicks of Total walking in in the opening sequence. Total tomboys, total badasses.

Hangover Cure: 1 cup of ice from 7-11 + orange vitamin water + alka seltzer + rescue remedy (stress reliever)

Fashion Icon: Carmella Soprano

Hair Product: Rusk Thickening Spray cause my hair is FLAT

TEEN's Teeny Lieberson's Justin's Ropers boots.
Photo: TEEN

Shoes: Justin ropers. Always. Also everything Horse + Nail

Fashion Blogs: The Sartorialist and, secretly, People

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