The Olsens Collab With Damien Hirst On $55,000 Backpacks

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen teamed up with Damien Hirst on a collection of backpacks.
Photo: Getty Images/ via Just One Eye

It must be fate. Just this morning we were digging ourselves out of an internet wormhole of retro Mary-Kate and Ashley Youtube videos, and now we've gotten wind of some seriously jawdropping Olsen news that we absolutely HAVE to talk about. The actresses-turned-CFDA winners have debuted a brand new capsule collection of super luxe backpacks in conjunction with Damien Hirst. The Row designers and the contemporary artist collaborated on nine different styles of the carryall, embellishing the label's signature black patent Nile crocodile leather backpack with Hirst's quirky-cool designs. It's an awesome concept, sure, but just like all the other swoon-worthy pieces from The Row, the bad news is, it's gonna cost you. A lot. If you thought the Olsens wouldn't dare to top the $39,000 price tag on their other (controversial) backpack, think again...because they totally went there. The limited-edition collection of bags is listed at online design store Just One Eye for "price upon request." We called, and it retails for a cool $55,000. Gulp.

Although a portion of the sales go to UNICEF, we're still wrapping our heads around the insane price tag, and here's the thing: as crazy costly as the bag is, there are people who will buy it— after all, the label's alligator backpack sold out last season. But just to put the money into perspective, with that $55,000, you could instead buy a couple of cars, approximately 110 new iPads, 3, 055 bottles of Deborah Lippmann nail polish....and 2,200 copies of the Twilight: Breaking Dawn DVD. So there you have it: the super expensive backpack just got even pricier, making even the most wallet-busting pieces from Alexander Wang, Mulberry, and more seem like pocket change. We're going to stick with our own reasonably-priced accessories ourselves, but check out the new Damien Hirst and The Row collection here and tell us what YOU think!

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