Ricky Martin Talks MAC Viva Glam, His Lip Conditioner, And World AIDS Day [Interview]

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin and his MAC Viva Glam lip conditioner.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Breaking news that you already knew: Ricky Martin is really really hot. Nothing makes that more undeniably clear than sitting with him in his Evita green room with five other journalists, all enveloped in the BEST smelling, perfectly humidified air for a The Bachelor-style group date (or round table interview, whatever you prefer to call it *hair flip*). The cause for the mid-week a fairytale moment? Ricky's involvement with MAC Cosmetics' Viva Glam campaign and World AIDS Day (which is Saturday, December 1 a.k.a. tomorrow!). Last night, the Broadway star/philanthropist obliged us all with a few moments before showtime to discuss the collaboration and what it means to him.

Ricky explained to us that his support for HIV/AIDS funding stems from years of working against human trafficking saying, "I had been focusing on children, and thousands of children are affected by AIDS because they're forced into prostitution. It's all linked." Regarding the MAC AIDS Fund specifically, Ricky added, "I got involved — and I hope everyone gets involved — because unfortunately, this is a really intense issue that's affecting all of us. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that AIDS is a problem of the '80s, and it's not. The numbers are saying exactly the opposite."

Beauty brands are rarely fronted by a male spokesperson. Historically, there have definitely been a few but not many. While Ricky shares this campaign with Nicki Minaj, and Boy George was the campaign's first male face, his involvement is absolutely noteworthy, and it's clear he's excited about the honor. "I'm the first Latino for Viva Glam!" he says glowingly. What amplifies Ricky's hotness to such an exponentially crazy degree is his 100% earnestness in all he does. He isn't blind to the big picture whether that's a global cause or the full timeline of his career and what he can do with it. "Music gave me a fantastic platform to reach masses," he says appreciatively before vaulting into specifics of MAC's World AIDS Day efforts.

The pop icon's special contribution to the Viva Glam collection is his Ricky-approved lip conditioner which we were dying to ask him about. "I'm a lip conditioner junkie!" he exclaimed when we asked why that was the product he chose to develop, "But I had never found the perfect one. This is the perfect one." Little did we know, Ricky Martin gets RULL specific about his lip balms. MAC presented him with multiple different options that he tried himself until they decided on the final product, "It's creamy. It's not tingly. It doesn't stick on your teeth. It's not scented. The most important thing is it's for a good cause. ... And then I signed it!"

Since its inception in 1994 the MAC AIDS Fund has raised more than $270 million for men, women, and children around the world living with HIV/AIDS, and can help increase that number even more when you shop on MACcosmetics.com on World AIDS Day. "[Any Viva Glam products] that you buy on World AIDS Day will be matched by MAC Cosmetics," Ricky explains, "You pay $15 [for the lip conditioner], but it makes double the contribution." Pretty great deal, right?

And suddenly, it was time for our group date to end and for Ricky to warm his voice up for the stage. Amidst the wrap-up picture-taking and cheek-kisses and handshakes, I grasped for ANY way I could sneak in all my BURNING Menudo questions, but his smiling eyes are as comforting as they are crippling. We may never know whether this was his favorite outfit from his tenure in the group, but we can support his charitable efforts and be reminded of that with a bangin' tube of lip conditioner.

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