Who Wore All-Over Skull Print Best: Miley Cyrus Or Her New Puppy?

Miley Cyrus Skull Print Pupp

Miley Cyrus in April, and her new puppy Penny Lane.
Photo: Splash News/@MileyCyrus' Twitter

Listen, we know what you're thinking: "Are you SERIOUSLY going to compare Miley Cyrus' amazing street style with... a dog?" The short answer is, well, yes. Basically, it's like this: Back in April, Miley stepped out in a KILLER black and white, all-over skull print Betsey Johnson romper, and we lost our shiz over it. Her circle sunnies paired with her punky onesie and lace-up boots made our goth hearts instantly ooze. This week, she announced on Twitter that the Cyrus' adopted a new furry friend into their family, which happened to be an ADORBS puppy named Penny Lane. Of course an onslaught of dog pics ensued (we ain't mad!), and as it turns out, she dressed Penny Lane in a onesie that looked ALL too familiar.

Awwwww! Penny Lane looked oh-so-cozy in her fuchsia pink skull print sweater that looked JUST like Miley's romper. The only difference is that Penny Lane's onesie had skulls with brass knuckles on them, which officially transformed her into baddest girl on the block. #GETIT We know it's totally weird to compare Miley to her new pup, but we're gonna go there because why not? Tell us which look you like better in the comments below or just, you know, tell us how cute her new dog is.

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