Jared Leto In Lady Makeup Or A Lady In Jared Leto Makeup: Which Is More Impressive?

Jared Leto makeup

We pit Jared Leto in drag makeup against a woman madeup to look like Jared Leto.
Photo: Courtesy of @JaredLeto's Instagram/selfOblivion's YouTube channel

Around these parts of the Internet, Chrissy Mahlmeister is our resident Commander-in-Chief of all things Jared Leto. From his recent absence of eyebrows to his one-time mullet and difficulties with knits, she has it all committed to memory and organized in pristine little Oxford manila tab dividers. HOWEVER, given my preoccupation with the style world's bizarro underbelly (Ex. A, B, and C) and a deep appreciation for makeup artistry, I'm borrowing the reins momentarily for a very important question. Which is more impressive: Jared Leto in lady makeup for his upcoming role in Dallas Buyers Club OR this lady (a.k.a. selfOblivion) who made an INCREDIBLE tutorial for Jared Leto makeup?

On one hand, we're hypnotized by Jared's baby blues shrouded in luscious fake lashes and warm peachy eye shadow. We've ALWAYS been jealous of his cheekbones, but now, we want to know what shade and brand of blush he's using. And while we're at it, what is that lipstick because we HAVE to have it. Right now. Also, everyone knows we love a good drag queen and those Rayon nails are next level. The lady in Leto makeup, though, is, in our opinion, another ballgame entirely.

We've been haunted by selfOblivion's Jared Leto makeup tutorial for YEARS. We can't tell you the exact number of hours we've spent slack-jawed in wonderment at this girl's unbelievable beauty skills, but rest assured, it's staggering. And our reaction every time is pretty much the same one Jared himself had when he saw it: "Holy fkng shit. Have you seen this?"

This girl magician takes a very simple toolkit — 1 concealer, 2 eye pencils (black and white), 1 black liquid eyeliner, 2 matte eye shadows (black and brown), 1 loose powder, 1 hair spray (which she uses on the eyebrows), water colors (which she uses to fill in the beard), and a modified black wig — and 100% effectively turns her own ladyface into Jared Leto. We've watched it SO many times, and STILL, each time it's unbelievable. If you haven't watched it before, peep the full how-to video below, and let us know whose makeup look you think is more impressive!


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