Polyvore Launches iPhone App For "Street Style On The Go"

The editor function on the Polyvore iPhone app.
Photo: Polyvore

It's totally unhealthy and pretty embarrassing, but sometimes I sleep with (one of my two, never both, I'm not an animal) iPhones next to my pillow. It's probably a sign that I work too much, or am addicted to the internet or something, but I'm betting I'm not the only one who occasionally cozies up with a little black or white rectangle between the sheets. Being able to carry your whole life in your pocket is basically a given these days, and having all of your apps at the ready is a key part of that. Up until now, one of fashion's favorite social media platforms, Polyvore, was still trapped in the land of the browser, but all that is changing: the style collage leader has just announced an iPhone app. Oh right, now you get why you heard the cheers of a thousand fashion bloggers yesterday. It wasn't because just they all got free two day shipping from Cyber Monday. The app has everything the in-browser interface does, with an extremely user-friendly mobile interface and access to thousands of products. It's "street style on the go," because you can make collages the moment you see something you love, allowing you to create living mood boards that represent your inspiration from moment to moment, day to day. You can also follow your favorite Polyvore users, of course, and keep up with their boards when you're on the go. Did we mention it's free from the app store, and you can download it now?

We love using Polyvore to share some of our favorite products from our House Of Style episodes. We try to make every product we feature on the site and in our shows as accessible as possible, which is another reason that Polyvore is so awesome--being able to shop your moodboards is something unique to the platform, and it's indespensible. The app has a search function, so you can scroll through tons of items and pick based on looks alone, or you can search for a specific e-retailer or style and see all of your options right there. It makes us fear for our wallets a little, but next time we're out and about and see a great coat or pair of shoes, it will be awfully nice to be able to search for similar looks right then and there.

Do you love Polyvore? Have you downloaded the new app?