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The Duchess gets bangs.
Photo: Getty Images

Black Friday was all about price cuts. This week, however, the fashion world is cutting more than costs!

Fresh Cut
Kate Middleton got BANGS, y’all!…Or at least that’s what everyone’s calling them. They’re more like side-swept angled layers. But that’s just not as news-worthy.
{via InStyle}

Diamond Cut
Bulgari on Fifth Avenue furnished its holiday windows with a brilliant, weaving, sparkling SERPENT. This wasn’t your average spooky snake, however–thousands of LED bulbs made it look like the iconic diamond necklace slithering across the storefront. So. damn. frosty.
{via Bulgari}

Documentary Cut
HBO released a trailer for its upcoming documentary about the editorial genius at Vogue. What exactly does a fashion editor do? You’re about to find out.
{via Fashionista}

Horses Cut
Treasure & Bond in SoHo installed a fake motel scene in the middle of its store. The display is a pop-up for Horses Cut Shop, a graphic t -shirt brand andddd incidental treasure trove of Americana.
{via Racked National}

Short Cut
Attention ASOS customers aka every fashion-y girl ever: you can now access Covetique, a site that sells previously-owned and politely-discounted designer clothes through ASOS! We’re talking Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Chanel. Dead.
{via British Vogue}

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