RIP Jared Leto's Eyebrows, We'll Miss You

Jared Leto No Eyebrows

Jared Leto on Nov. 28 and Oct. 27.
Photo: Terry Richardson/Getty Images

Um, Jared Leto? Is that you? *rubs eyes* Today when Terry Richardson posted pics of the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman on his blog, we barely recognized the typically scruffy-faced singer slash actor. He shaved off his ENTIRE FACE, people. Beard, mustache, brows—the whole shebang, and we're still in shock. Before you start to get worried, though, he ditched his facial fuzz for a role in Dallas Buyers Club, so we gotta give props for his serious dedication to the craft. *golf claps* In October, Jared sported a full beard and brow-age with the same slicked-back hair, but he gave off a more approachable, chic-woodsman vibe (if that's a thing). Today, his chiseled jaw is in FULL effect with a only a smudge of eye makeup below his lower lids. We have to admit we kinda miss those fuzzy bad boys framing his baby blues oh-so-perfectly. :(

But as it turns out, we weren't the only ones to do a double take when we first peeped his new look. Last night at the Gotham Awards, many journalists didn't even recognize him on the red carpet as they were doing interviews. (Man, they ain't kidding when they say eyebrows change your entire face shape.) But we need to know your thoughts on Jared's new look: do you like him better totally clean-shaven or with tons of facial fuzz? Let us know in the comments below!

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