We're Obsessed With Zebra Katz And His 'IMAREAD' Cap

Zebra Katz and his "IMAREAD" hat.
Photo: Todd Diederich / ZebraKatz.com

It's hard to believe that just mere months ago we had absolutely NO idea about the general awesomeness that is Zebra Katz. But lucky for us (and everyone with an internet connection), times have officially changed, and nowadays it's tough to scroll through Tumblr, Twitter, or pretty much any music blog without spotting the New York City rapper and his debut single "IMAREAD." In less than a year, the recent signee to Diplo's Mad Decent imprint has firmly cemented his music industry takeoff status, opening for Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks earlier this summer and racking up remixes left and right. So what's the next logical step? Invading the fashion world, obviously. If you don't believe us, just ask Rick Owens.

Rick Owens in the "IMAREAD" hat.
Photo: ia Dazed Digital

It's amazing enough that the Paris-based designer recruited Katz to soundtrack his Fall 2012 RTW runway show back in March. But what's EVEN cooler is that Owens has been championing Katz ever since, even rocking the musician's "IMAREAD" cap for Dazed & Confused...and now, everybody wants a piece. Cara Delevingne sported it this summer, Lana Del Rey loves it, and the rest of the internet is fighting hard to snag one, too. The "one-size-fits-most" black and white accessory just sold out today online, but Zebra's got other self-designed merch up for sale right this second. So until he restocks the cap (hint hint, nudge nudge!) check out all the goods now. You can start planning your outfits around them later.

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