Find The Ultimate Catmas (Cat + Christmas) Sweater

Step aside, ugly Christmas sweaters—there’s a new guy in town! Ladies and gents, meet the Catmas sweater. It’s a holiday-themed pullover or cardigan featuring—you guessed it—a friendly feline of your choice. It can be new, vintage, kooky or totally classic, but no matter which Catmas sweater you choose, you’re guaranteed to look purr-fect (heh) at all those holiday parties. We scoured the interwebs to find the best Catmas sweaters in ALL the world (not exaggerating), so be sure to peep the amazingness below to snatch one up for yourself!


Photo: Courtesy of Etsy/ModCloth

If you’re a trendy gal that’s always got the coolest new threads, you should go for one of these stylin’ sweatshirts. On the left, we peep a KILLER “Santa Paws” cat sporting a white beard and hat ($28), in the middle there’s a cross-stitch kitty situation that we need in our lives ASAP ($28), and on the right there’s a super ’dorbs ’60s smarty cat sweater that we could totally wear year-round ($100).


Photo: Courtesy of The Sweater Store

If vintage clothing is your JAM, then these kooky cat sweaters will be riiiggght up your alley. On the left, there’s a crazy cat lady cardigan sure to grab everyone’s attention ($65) and on the right is a set of kitties stranded on a snowy island ($35). Awwwwww!


Photo: Courtesy of ASOS/Etsy

If you want to keep your cat lady status under wraps, opt for a cute pullover like this darlin’ little kitty on the left ($53) or this super cool cat sweater (complete with snowflakes!) on the right ($29).


Photo: Courtesy of The Sweater Store

If you’re more traditional, keep in the holiday spirit with these old favorites. On the left is a vintage screenprinted sweatshirt featuring cats sitting on a branch ($25) and on the right we see even MORE kitties wrapped up in some trees ($30).

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