Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Fragrance Gets A Commercial

Justin Bieber

A still from Justin Bieber's Girlfriend fragrance commercial.
Photo: Courtesy of JustinBieberSomeday's YouTube Channel

While the status of Justin Bieber's IRL girlfriend may be up in the air, J.Bieb's Girlfriend perfume is rock steady and gets a press reboot just in time for the holiday season *WINK* with its very first commercial! Where Girlfriend is the "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" next-step from Bieber's Someday debut scent, the ad spot for the new fragrance is similarly more mature. It's not mature in, like, a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Burberry Body way. We just mean that Bieber and the new fragrance take one appropriate, teenage-sized step away from Someday and its whispered promises and luxury ice cream sundaes.

Instead of watching Justin swoop into some other girl's bedroom Peter Pan-style with a spritz of Someday, the Girlfriend commercial is shot entirely in first-person perspective with the intention of giving the viewer a chance to imagine what it would be like to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend without the pesky mental cut-and-paste of a third-person viewpoint. Yep, the commercial is 100% Bieber with the exception of a few stray girl-hands (you're supposed to pretend they're yours and not an off-camera Selena Gomez). Through the course of the commercial, you get to relax in the park, have a popcorn fight, get lost on a road trip, wake him up in the middle of the romcom you begged him to watch, and get "i miss u" texts from him all to the tune of a delicious acoustic version of "Boyfriend." Peep the magic for yourself below!


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