We're Obsessed With The Wanted's 'Gangnam Style' Sweater

The Wanted Jay McGuiness Gangnam Style

Jay McGuiness in Montreal on Nov. 25.
Photo: Splash News/Sammy Dress

The minute we see the words "Gangnam Style," our brains are flooded with Psy's killer pony dance moves and amaze music video fashionz, and we're SO not mad about that. The Korean superstar's impossible-to-forget/smile-inducing tune is currently the most watched video on the internet (um, WUT), so when we saw The Wanted's Jay McGuiness step out in a sweater dedicated to one of the most popular/best videos of the year, we couldn't help but have a mini heart attack. Not only is this combining two of our most favorite things in the whole world (boy bands and K pop, obvi), but it's totally a sweater we can cop for UNDER $15. We repeat, it is UNDER $15.

The black sweater features a cartoon version of Psy in his signature black and white tux ensemble doing—you guessed it—his pony move complete with silhouettes of ladies in the back. Jay paired his oversized sweater with a tee, black skinnies, and a matching red beanie, but, the kicker here is this: Scooter Braun (you know, the talent manager that discovered Justin Bieber), has The Wanted AND Psy under his record label meaning they are totally keeping it all in the family. Awwwww, how CUTE! But tell us—would you wear a Gangnam Style sweatshirt? Let us know in the comments below!


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