Demi Lovato Reveals New Tattoo By Kat Von D

Demi Lovato's new bird tattoo.
Photo: Demi Lovato's Twitter

Demi Lovato is no stranger to ink. She said she had "nine or ten" tats back when the "Demi Lovato: Stay Strong" documentary premiered in March, but since then the count has no doubt increased. Just this weekend, Demi paid a visit to celeb tattoo artist (and makeup mogul) Kat Von D, to add some new art to her corporeal collection. Once you get to a certain point with tattoos, you have to start building on what you already have, and that's precisely what Demi did here. In the documentary, Demi explains that her 'faith' tattoo is a matching tattoo shared between her and a best friend that she met in treatment. The tattoo stands both for the friendship and for the fact that she says "faith has gotten me to where I am today." The new ink, which surrounds the 'faith' tattoo and spans the length of Demi's forearm, shows birds flying from the letters up to her wrist. Birds are also a common tattoo theme for Demi, so none of this is much of a surprise.

Photo: Demi Lovato's new bird tattoo.
Photo: Demi Lovato's Twitter

With feathers on her neck, ribs and back, Demi's tattoos often feature an avian theme, when they are not inspirational words or back-of-the-bus-at-Warped-Tour acquisitions. Getting tattooed by Kat Von D is certainly a far cry from those early tattoos, and it shows in her work. Will Demi keep getting tattoos? What do you think her next piece of body art will be? Watch the clip below for an explanation of all of her tats, and tell us what you think her next one might be in the comments!

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