Rihanna 777 Tour Diary: Our Favorite Outfits!

Rihanna's outfits from London, Stockholm, and Toronto.
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Internet time is like dog years: one day on the internet is like two weeks in real life, or even longer. With that in mind, it's been about forever since we were reintegrated into society from Rihanna's 777 Tour. The horrible flu we acquired while abroad lingers, as does the memory of her royal highness' performance outfits, so we wanted to break down our three favorite looks for you. Amidst a week of confusion, mayhem, hunger, and yeah OK, some really good times, the singer's performance outfits became something to look forward to each night, along with the moment in the DJ set when CongoRock played "Mercy" and everyone started dancing, if only for a moment. Rihanna's style has always been on point, not only because of expert styling but because of the way she wears her clothes. The woman can dress, and there's nobody who will try and argue with that.

Mary H.K. Choi: OK, so now that we're back from #RihannaPlane we've gained a certain degree of perspective and the one thing that I can say about the entire tour is that I was consistently impressed by the CLOTHES. What did you think?

Maud Deitch: I was too. I mean Rihanna is reliably on point, if not a little repetitive, in her street style. But being able to see the way that the different looks complemented each other and the venues was one of the most interesting parts of the whole experience.

MHKC: Yeah, I think Mel Ottenberg and Adam Selman killed it. Let's start with our favorites. I think we agree that the denim shorts and white tee/bodysuit situation in Stockholm was an outrageously strong look.

Rihanna wearing a Wolford bodysuit, American Apparel shorts, and Chanel jewelry in Stockholm.
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MD: That was a fantastic highlight. And it wasn't just the styling. She wore the s*** out of all of it. It's like how your mom always tells you that the most important thing is finding clothes that fit your body and you totally don't get it as a teenager. Moms should just show their kids photos of Rihanna in that perfect-fitting white T-shirt and they would never have to battle with ill fitting clothing again.

MHKC: I'm sure mothers would insist their daugthers wear bras underneath their white tees, though. Also, LOL at moms starting the most screwed up complexes by showing impressionable Youngs that Rihanna is a state that can ever be achieved.

MD: That bodysuit was like a wonder of the world and i don't mean that in a panting boy way

MHKC: Agreed. That's the thing with Rihanna. Her clothes are relatively accessible but they're the platonic ideal of what they should be. They fulfill every iota of their potential. She was wearing high-waisted, dark, indigo-wash denim shorts FROM AMERICAN APPAREL and a top with a gold chain but each clothing unit was perfect. And together, on Rihanna's bonkers body, it was magic.

MHKC:Let's talk about the Christmas tree lighting ensemble from London.

Rihanna at her London tree lighting.
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MD: OK, yes. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the woman's ability to wear oversized things of indeterminate fabric and still look amazing.

MHKC: RIGHT. I enjoy how much she varies from bodycon to amorphous.

MD: She has also historically been a fan of pajamas as formal wear.

MHKC: Which MTV Style is typically onboard with because: fancy lazy. But what's going on with this ensemble specifically?

MD: Well it's part pajamas, with the stripes, the loose silhouette; part '80s new wave, with that giant, David Byrne circa "Burning Down The House" blazer; and part Lagerfeld with that collar. Basically the coming together of a number of really fabulous things to create an even more fabulous reality.

MHKC: It was highly optical with an interesting play on proportion, for sure. It caused quite the controversy since it was Raf Simmons and ACNE pour dudes but I loved it. Plus, the glasses and swooping bangs were VERY OG Barbie in a way that femmed up the look while remaining thoroughly badass. In any case, it's one of those moments where you're reminded that there's a real point of view in all of Rihanna's ensembles. They're all such outfits. It's challenging to pull off.

Let's talk about the pants in Toronto. These damned trousers BLEW MY MIND. I couldn't figure them out for an entire hour.

Rihanna at her Toronto performance.
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MD: That was definitely the most excited I saw you on the whole tour (barring excitement about candy and/or crisps)

MHKC: I do love snacks. We all do. Here's the thing. That Shaun Samson khaki combo just WORKED for me. We had the white bustier bra thing that Adam Seman designed exclusively to fit Rihanna's sumptuous frame but the exposed midriff and baggy gaucho looked SO '90s on that Cross Colours TLC x Aaliyah tip. Plus, I found it interesting that the pointy-toe Manolos were paired with the aforementiond pants because the back of the pants showed off these ENORMOUS patch pockets with flaps. It was all so incongruous. Hard and soft. High and low. It's kinda like the oversized indigo denim (Adam Kimmel for Carhartt that LEGIT belonged to Mel according to this tour diary he kept for Vogue) and gobs of Chanel jewelry that we love.

MD: The pointy toed Manolos were a point of confusion/trouble for me. I simply cannot get behind that silhouette. It lives in a cage in a dungeon next to kitten heel mules for me.

MHKC:Kitten heel mules deserve to be sequestered and punished but I love a delicate-yet-psycho stilletto. Just do. As a whole, for all the waiting and the complaints, the fashion was strong.

MD: Oh stiletto yes, pointed-toe, no. It was really strong I felt like it got a little less interesting towards the end, but I got a little less interesting towards the end too so no harm no foul.

MHKC: Yeah, we all fell to pieces. I just really like that she CLEARLY trusts her style team enough to sling whatever on her shoulders and then WORK IT. It's what makes her so damned sexy. She exudes confidence and feminity in menswear.

She does rely on micro shorts and exposed flesh but they're not actually sexylady tropes that I'm tired of.

MD: Amen to that.

MHKC: She really is infuriatingly attractive. Shine bright like a diamond etc etc...