The Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday Survival Guide

Everything you need to survive black Friday.
Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop/Dormify/Farfetch/Flight 001

In the fashion world, Black Friday is like the Olympics. Shopping on THE busiest day of the year is a true test to your mental and physical stamina, and, most of all, your utmost dedication to scoring the best deals on all your holiday shopping. Luckily, we created a Black Friday survival guide to (hopefully) ease the stress of all that elbowing, name-calling and line-cutting that will be happening tomorrow night. It's time to get our game faces on, people.


+ TRAVEL PILLOW: If you're a true Black Friday stan, you're sure as heck going to line up outside your favorite store before it opens, which means you're gonna be glued to that sidewalk for AWHILE. You should probably bring a portable pillow in case you want to catch some Zs or need something comfy to sit on. (Concrete = no bueno.) A travel pillow is smaller than a chair, so you can stash it in your bag and have both hands free when you're ready to start shopping.

+ COMFY SHOES: This is proobbbabbllly the most important part of this survival guide because if you can't run toward a clothing rack at a moment's notice, you're not gonna last. Any flats will do--sneakers, loafers, oxfords--as long as they are comfortable and will stay on if you need to sprint. (If you think you won't be running, think again.) And, hey, they don't need to be ugly. Just peep those killer studded sneaks above!

+ WHITE TANK TOP: Newsflash: There's no time to use the dressing room on Black Friday, which means you might have to strip down right in the middle of the store. Wear a tight white tank so you can get a good feel for how a top fits without having to stand there in just your bra. #yikes

+ CROSSBODY BAG: I can't stress enough the importance of being TOTALLY handsfree during this entire experience. You'll be digging through piles of clothes, and you don't want to misplace your bag because you had to put it down for a minute. Also, crossbody bags are just legit awesome, so there's that too.

+ TIDY PACK: If you're one of the diehard fans that camped outside a store all night, you're probably going to want to freshen up after all those hours of sidewalk napping. We like this pack that includes a dental kit, scented wipes, lotion and lip balm. PERF!

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