Create Custom Instagram Watches With InstaWatch


Instawatch turns your favorite Instagram photos into a custom watch.
Photo: InstaWatch

Alright, so we're convinced the world is just BEGGING us to unleash our inner photographer. I mean, Jay-Z himself said we all have “genius level talent,” right? Well, for all you snap-happy, cameraphone-obsessed people out there, meet the newest way to feed your Instagram addiction: InstaWatch. The custom-watch platform allows you to choose your favorite shots from the app and turn them into a one-of-a-kind timepiece. PLUS it’s user-friendly, which is clutch because y’know #neverreaddirections. Simply choose your favorite shot of Harry Styles, scale the photo to the watch's face, and select a color for the band!

But real talk, we guess it's not enough to have your pictures live only in your phone anymore? Dude, putting them ON your phone might even be a thing of the past. What do you think? Is there never too much of a good thing? Or is a service like this better suited for “World’s Best Dad” mugs? Let us know!

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