Thanksgiving Outfits To Accommodate Your Food Baby

Thanksgiving is only a few days away now. Whether that means quality family time, bundled up parade viewings, or hours of football, there's one thing about this holiday that's pretty uniform across the board. You will eat. You will eat a LOT. And you WILL develop a food baby. Not sure what that is? Well, you can either click that link (spoiler alert: it directs you to Urban Dictionary), watch Juno and use context clues, OR we can just TELL YOU that it's a made-up term for when you eat enough food to the point where your stomach is so swollen with culinary goodness that you look pregnant. While the term may not be, this is a well-known, SUPER uncomfortable side-effect of Thanksgiving dinner. Knowing that, we've put together a few outfits that will accommodate your inevitable food baby. You can thank us later.



No one will know you're toting three helpings of mashed potatoes under that huge sweater.
Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21/Nasty Gal/South Moon Under

If you're really lucky and there isn't a dress code in place for your family's Thanksgiving dinner, by all means, tune the rest of this out. For those of you (or *achem* US) who looooong to roll up to the table in a boxy, monochromatic sweatsuit, this is the outfit for you. Wear a gigantic, chunky sweater over a pair of the most polished looking legging jeans you can get your hands on. Slip a collared shirt under there for good measure. Bada bing bada boom! Instant T-giving outfit your grandmother might not totally hate.

+ Collared Shirt: Forever 21 ($17.80)

+ Over-sized Sweater: Nasty Gal ($112.00)

+ Legging Jeans: South Moon Under ($44.00)



A roomy peplum is a food baby's best friend.
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS/Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters

Need to put together something a little more formal? *pushes up sleeves* Peplums are having a huge moment this season, and what's better for hiding a food baby than what is essentially an EXTRA skirt layered over your stomach??? Just stay away from stiff fabrics that don't give, pencil/bodycon silhouettes, and aim for a tastefully busy print. Slap on a pair of opaque tights (As someone who ALWAYS gets runs, trust me. They're much stronger.) and tie it all together with a sparkly bib necklace.

+ Peplum Dress: ASOS ($79.16)

+ Bib Necklace: Anthropologie ($58.00)

+ Tights: Urban Outfitters ($12.00)



I mean, why not?
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal/Free People

While you can't actually wear the tablecloth, using the table itself as your style inspiration might not be such a crazy idea. Super loose, flowy, almost poncho-like frocks are PERFECT for Thanksgiving. They're dressy but not constricting or fussy. Plus, you could be hiding a fannypack of leftovers under there (ON TOP OF your food baby) and no would ever be able to tell. *twirls* HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

+ Dress: Nasty Gal ($165.00)

+ Shoes: Free People ($130.00)

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