Nicki Minaj Or Iggy Azalea: Who Rocked Jeremy Scott x Adidas The Best?

Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea both sported Jeremy Scott x adidas.
Photo: via adidas Originas Youtube page/ @TheNewClassic Instagram

What happens when two of hip-hop’s hottest fashionistas sport the same look? We at MTV Style break down all the deets of each outfit, compare notes, and come to a unified decision about who wore it best. PSYCH! Like that ever happens. Fashion is all about personal preference, and our opinions in the office are as varied as the way we take our coffees. Therefore, we need your help to determine a majority rules re. today’s debate: Nicki Minaj vs. Iggy Azalea. Who wore the Jeremy Scott x Adidas coat better?

Nicki first sported the adidas Originals jacket a few months back in her rad commercial for the brand, which features the "Freedom" singer catwalking the crosswalks of NYC with none other than the coat’s designer himeslf, Jeremy Scott. (Guess it’s safe to say he digs the way she rocks it.) Dressed head-to-toe by the designer, Nicki’s whole steeze matches with Mr. Scott’s love for wild shapes and crazy colors. Hello, bright pink leggings, sunshine yellow knee socks, and kicks worthy of Rainbow Brite. Girl is def doing her thing.

Nicki’s style is so unique and so rarely repeated, no wonder Iggy caused such a stir when she this pic of her rocking the same coat. Checking in from chilly London, and going with a totally different vibe, the Wilhelmina model let the coat speak for itself, pairing it with simple black skinnies and some kick ass biker boots. The only similarity we see? Both ladies look stunning with their long blonde locks flowing free with the ‘fit. Iggy stood her ground on social media when haters hated upon recognizing the coat. "Wow! Theres so many of u in my time line REALLY MAD I am wearing the same jacket Nicki wore in the Adidas commercial," she Tweeted. "Calm down crazy kids!" And we agree! There's no need for name calling when it comes to fashion. (We've even been known to accidentally match... a few times. There's no shame in a shared sense of style!) Although both ladies look amazing, we have to know: who do you think wore this coat the best?!