Miley Cyrus Reveals Even Shorter Shaved 'Do

Miley Cyrus Short Hair

Miley Cyrus on Nov. 18 and Oct. 10.
Photo: Getty Images

Not to be all dramatic, but Miley Cyrus' platinum blonde pixie cut was kind of a life-changing decision for her. We can't stop applauding her for taking the plunge into such a fashion-forward style, but this week when we peeped Miley out and about in NYC, something looked a little different. Her typically forward-swept bangs were gone, and the shaved sides of her head seemed a little blonder than usual. The MTV Style team discussed the is-it-a-haircut-or-is-it-not situation for (literally) 20 minutes, trying to decide, if IN FACT, she lopped off more strands or if she just styled it differently, but the side by side comparison (above) gives us definite proof that she trimmed her hair even shorter than before!

Before, Miley had more versatility with her longer top strands. She could leave them down for a soft pixie cut look, or she could create a sky-high pompadour à la Pink. Now with her hair even shorter, it looks like she has only one way to style it—and that's up! It definitely has an edgier vibe than before, and with the freshly-dyed shaved sides it gives the illusion of an even shorter buzz cut. But what do you think of Miley's fresh 'do—should she have kept the top longer or do you like the overall shorter cut? Let us know in the comments below!

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