The Best Turkey Day Nail Designs That... Actually Involve Turkeys

Thanksgiving Nail Art

Photo: Via Wah Nails

Listen, we know what you're thinking: "Are they seriously trying to make literal Thanksgiving nails happen?" Yes, yes we are. Sure, you can do fall-themed nails all season, but we only gather around a table once a year to eat our FACES off, so why not celebrate it? Better yet, why not give a hat tip the main star of most T-Day dinners: the turkey. We surely don't give the 'ol bird enough thanks as it is, so we thought it would be appropriate/awesome to dedicate an entire nail post to them. (Is it sad that this is already starting to make us hungry?) Up first are the experts at Wah Nails. They created a design with not one, but TWO turkeys on them, complete with a pilgrim and some corn. Yeah, we're just gonna go ahead and bow down now. WEARENOTWORTHY.

For a simpler and cleaner take on the turkey design, we like this set with just one bird accent nail. The rest of the fingers have the feathers along the corners, which we LOVE.

Thanksgiving Nail Art

Photo: Via Nail Addicted

This turkey looks ready for eatin'! She sported TWO freshly-cooked feasts on her thumb and ring finger with an orange and gold design along the rest of the tips.

Thanksgiving Nail Art

Photo: Via Nailed to the T

We're obsessed with this set featuring Snoopy and Woodstock wearing Thanksgiving-themed headwear. (P.S.- Hats off to those nail art skills!)

Thanksgiving Nail Art

Photo: Via Pinterest

If you want to go bold, THIS is the design for you. This mani features a turkey face on the middle finger with wavy orange, yellow, brown and white designs along the rest of the tips. Wild, man!

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