Azealia Banks Talks Favorite Designers, Role Models In Beats By Dr. Dre Video

Azealia Banks Dr. Dre Beats

Azealia Banks for Beats By Dr. Dre.
Photo: Azealia Banks' Facebook

You think you know...but you have no idea. OK, so the line may have been borrowed from the early aughts TV show Diary (RIP), but you know what? The same thing could also be said for Azealia Banks and her new vid for Beats By Dr. Dre. As the newest member of the #beatsarmy, the Harlem rapper talks music icons, fave fashion designers, plus the real story behind her upcoming debut Broke With Expensive Taste ...and her answers aren't exactly what you'd expect. Clad in denim, platform boots, and a graphic red top, AZ says she doesn't want her album to be pigeonholed into a specific genre— rather, she's just going for authenticity, pure and simple. And although she claims that she doesn't have a particular musical inspiration, Azealia tells us she's taking cues from Beyonce in her personal AND professional life. "She's just so well-mannered and classy and well-poised. It's important to have those kinds of skills." Amen! Another interesting tidbit we gleaned from the 2-minute clip: Azealia's favorite designer is "boyishly feminine, clean, and really high quality." Who is it? Let's just say it's a FAR cry from seapunk. Place your bets...

She's talking about Jil Sander, who seems like an unexpected choice considering Azealia's love for jelly sandals, kooky prints, and pretty much everything '90s. We haven't witnessed her rocking the fashion house's wares on the red carpet much thus far (she's mostly worn the designer in magazine editorials), but fingers crossed she'll turn up in 'em sometime soon, because we know she'll KILL it.

Lastly, she ends the clip with some words of wisdom for emerging hip hop stars: "Save your money; don't spend it on things you can't afford," she says. "Especially for female artists, we need it for hair, we need makeup, we need clothes...don't spend your money!" Noted! Are you ready to be schooled by Azealia? Watch Azealia Banks x Beats TV here!

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