Nikki Williams: These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Nikki Williams Favorite Things

Nikki Williams.
Photo: Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold

When it comes to rising pop starlets, I often find myself giving the perpetual side-eye. I don't ask for much, but I do expect the full pop package (think Brit Brit a.k.a. the Holy Spearit circa 2001). Just gimme me some major pop anthems that have good hair-whipping moments and can get my arms flailing/booty bouncing on many a tequila-drenched dance-floor, and I'm good. Luckily, there's a new burgeoning pop diva on the block, and the dizzying buzz is totally side-eye free. Meet my latest obsession Nikki Williams, who, thank the pop gods, has amazing whip-friendly, fuchsia hair and a bouffant. *faints* Equally important is her Sia-penned sassy pop gem, "Kill, F***, Marry," in which she belts her pretty face off. (FYI: Sia basically is the best songwriter in the universe a.k.a. she wrote Rihanna's "Diamonds.") Mhmm, I expect really big thangs in 2013 for the South African-bred hunni. So, go on and let the obsession begin with Nikki's favorite fashion-y things... which—sartorial spoiler alert—involves a Superman boxers/princess tiara combo as a bad day remedy. My kinda gurl!

Perfume: Poison by Dior.

Tattoo: Yin-yang heart on my right arm in memory of my nanny who passed when I was 16. She was one hell of a woman and a big part of who I am today.

Fast Food Chain: Bojangles’ Chicken. I'm obsessed with fried chicken. It's like true love.

Winter Jacket: I just got this sick winter jacket from Zara in New York, and I can wear the belt with other outfits too.

Nikki Williams Favorite Things

Nikki Williams' Zara coat.
Photo: Courtesy of Nikki Williams

Magazine: Rolling Stone mag. It's straightforward with very informative articles, and I always discover cool new bands to check out.

Hangover Cure: Drink this amazing drink called Mercy before you go out drinking, and then eat a bacon, egg and cheese McMuffin for breakfast. It never fails.

Nikki Williams Favorite Things

Nikki Williams and her Mercy drinks.
Photo: Courtesy of Nikki Williams

Designers: Roberto Cavalli. The spring 2013 collection is out of this world. I can't wait to pick up a couple pieces. I'm not a total brand whore though. If I see something I like, I'll buy it.

Lipstick: I love Mac! Especially their lighter shades. As for lip-gloss... I stay away because my hair always ends up stuck to my lips, and it drives me hulk crazy!

Shoes: I love combat boots, Converse, etc. I wear them 'til they're worn out. I like the worn out rock 'n roll look when it comes to those types of shoes. That being said, I’m all about a pair of sexy heels by Tom Ford.

Nikki Williams Favorite Things

Nikki Williams' shoes.
Photo: Courtesy of Nikki Williams

Nail Polish: Black. It goes with everything and you can just keep painting over it. I'm a super girly girl so it works for me!

Karaoke Song: I usually go with "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot, and I try and shake my butt and stuff. I usually end up laughing so hard I almost pass out. Good times.

Concert T-Shirt: I used to have this rad Guns N' Roses T-shirt a few years ago. I was dating this guy, and when I broke up with him, he set it on fire. May it R.I.P.

Statement Piece: My Superman underwear. I wear them over black tights or pants when I'm having a bad day. I also enjoy my tiara for those rainy days.

Nikki Williams Favorite Things

Nikki Williams' Superman underswear.
Photo: Courtesy of Nikki Williams

Fashion Blogs: Sergio Says!

Album Cover Art: When I was a kid I had this Joan Jett & The Blackhearts vinyl. On the cover she is wearing this hot pink jacket, and I actually own one that looks almost exactly the same because of that. I've had it for 9 years. Also, the Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy artwork is trippy. Love it.

Facial Products: Whatever is in the hotel bathroom. I'm terrible with that kinda stuff. Working on it!

Music Video Fashion: Blondie! I love all of her videos and outfits. She's like the smoking-hot-feminine-yet-rocker chick that can probably knock you out if you mess with her.

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