Alicia Keys Releases Second Reebok Collection

Alicia Keys wears the Double Bubble in Cargo.
Photo: Reebok Classics

Alright, Alicia Keys, we’re singing your own song about you now. GIRL IS ON FIRE. The R&B queen has been performing non-stop to promote her upcoming album (did you catch her super hot set at the European Music Awards last weekend?), globe-trotting with her whole team – and documenting all the goods on her Instagram for us. But somehow, she’s still found the time to gift us with two brand new killer collections for Reebok Classics. Just in time for Christmas? Uh, sorry Santa, but we want Alicia to bring us our pressies this year. Check out these sweet shoes, and we have a feeling you’ll want her coming down your chimney, too.

Sneakers from the reptile Alicia Keys x Reebok collection.
Photo: Reebok Classics

A few months ago, Alicia confessed to us that she’s been a certified sneaker freak since childhood. Lucky for us, her hubby Swizz Beatz – who is serving as Reebok Classics’ creative director – helped make her dreams of designing come true. When her first collection launched back in September, we were floored by the creativity. (Piano keys and NYC skylines… on our shoes? Um, yes please.) Her second collection includes two new sets of sneaks that we’re already planning outfits around. The Reptile kicks are a sophisticated black and purple blend. Are those suede accents we see? We hope so. And the Cargo collection? Perfection. Army green and neon pink are a match made in heaven. The Classic Nylon Slim is pretty much our dream sneak. *Hint hint, gift givers!* But what we love most about the shoes is that Alicia really loves them, too. Knowing that Alicia will actually be rocking the exact same shoes as us makes our hearts flutter a little. What about you? Are you diggin’ the Reptiles or the Cargos? Tell us in the comments!

Sneakers from the cargo Alicia Keys x Reebok collection.
Photo: Reebok Classics

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