Top Style Bloggers Of The Week: Jumpsuits

Monroe Steele, Nicola Kirkbride and Jayne Min.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

Jumpsuits are pretty much one of our favorite fashion inventions of all time. They're totally effortless, super chic, and, hello, the most comfortable clothing ever. Maybe this is why they're constantly making a comeback. In the '70s, they were fit and flared, worn on every girl in Studio 54. In the '90s, they got toughened up with tapered ankles and big shoulders. And now in 2012? Well, it's a mixed bag. Which is exactly how we like it. Because it means that there's a different jumpsuit for every kind of body, and we've got proof! Click below for three lady bloggers who can all rock the look in totally rad- and awesomely individual- ways.

Monroe Steele of Fashion Steele NYC

Blog: fashionsteelenyc.comTwitter: @fashionsteeleny.

This Southern belle is sitting pretty in the city now and we're SO psyched to have her here. Dig deep in her blog and you'll find that the girl has some serious swag when it comes to jumpsuits, but this army green one by Oscar The Third is our absolutely favorite. The big pockets and zippered ankles? Love. Shout out to that rockin' red lipstick too. Girl is working it.

Nicola Kirkbride of Nicola Claire

Blog: nicola-claire.blogspot.comTwitter: @nicola_ck.

Nicola is a British babe who's now blogging from Down Under. Hey Australia, do you know how lucky you are to have her? The royal purple jumpsuit by Warehouse worn with the big sparkly bib necklace? Hello, gorgeous! We also love how the hidden heels underneath make her legs look miles long.

Jayne Min of Stop It Right Now

Blogstopitrightnow.blogspot.comTwitter: @STOPITRIGHTNOW.

Dear Jayne, if ONLY you knew how obsessed we are with your insanely chic, understated style. Scrolling through Stop It Right Now is like watching all our dreams go by. Not only is this Zara jumpsuit the most perfect shape, but Jayne DIY'd it by removing the original lace and replacing it with leather. *Sigh* Sorry, we're swooning over here.


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